Best Minnesota Online Betting Sites

Are you tired of betting without making any winnings? Sports betting is a very comprehensive and intricate business. While it can be very easy to make high winning, you should not consider wagering as a get-rich-quick scheme.

As betting on sports continues to grow implicitly, this guide comes at the right time to help you learn more about online betting in Minnesota and about the best sports betting sites. The ultimate goal of the article is to help punters boost their success and optimize return on investment.

Safe Way to Bet on Sports in MN

Currently, the only safe way to bet on sports in Minnesota is to find an offshore provider. Anyone based overseas who is licensed and regulated by their relevant authorities can open up to Minnesotans if they wish to do so.

There are many options in place but the following are among the best Minnesota online betting sites around.

List of the Best MN Online Betting Sites of 2024

Recommended Offshore Sports Betting Sites for Minnesotans

Short Reviews of Offshore Top Online Sportsbooks


bovada US

Bovada is one of the oldest online sportsbooks still in operation. The brand name, as we know it, was first used in 2011 but the company can trace its roots back to 1997. They are therefore widely known and have had time to build up trust across some 25 years of trading.

Having a trusted name is important but Bovada have much more to offer. They are one of the best companies around when it comes to publishing promotions and those offers add value to some competitive odds.

There is a wide choice of markets too and Bovada offer extensive options for America’s favorite sports. So, if your interest lies with the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL, this is the place to check out. Bovada are currently licensed in Curacao and they are happy to take on Minnesota residents who have reached the legal age for sports betting.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Minnesota?

It is not currently possible for residents of Minnesota to access any online sports betting platforms that are based in their state. The practise is outlawed, along with many other games of chance.

There is, however, a loophole which allows offshore gambling sites to provide services to Minnesota residents. The best Minnesota online betting sites are, therefore, based outside of the state.

Minnesota Sports Gambling and Betting Laws

The only form of sports gambling currently allowed in Minnesota is in person at a licensed racetrack. There are no physical sports halls at present and it is also illegal to gamble with an online sports betting platform that is based within the state.

The one exception to this rule relates to those sites that are based overseas. For the best MN sports betting sites, it’s a case of finding an operator located outside of America that is happy to accept customers residing in the state.

When Will Online Sports Betting Be Legal in Minnesota?

There are no clear dates set as to when online sports betting will be legal in Minnesota. Since 2020, there have been proposals to pass laws allowing online gambling but they have yet to come to fruition as of March 2022.

Much depends on the tribes and, in particular, the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association. They need to be agreeable to the prospect and they will need to be sure that online sports betting will not restrict revenue from their casino businesses.

It’s an ongoing process. It was felt that some headway would be made in March 2022 but there is no definite date for relaxing the regulations. For now, Minnesotans have to look outside of their own state if they want to place an online sports bet.

Will Minnesotans Get in Trouble for Betting Online?

Minnesotans would only get in trouble if they were placing sports bets with an unlicensed operator. If there was a sports betting platform offering gambling online services and they were based in Minnesota, it would be breaking the law to access them.

It is, however, possible that the gambling site would be in more trouble than the bettor. Some governments tend to reserve punishment for the illegal operator but it’s really not worth taking that risk.

About Regulate Sports Betting in General

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned punter, it is good to wager on a reliable bookmaker. Thankfully, has moved swiftly to ensure gamblers have unforgettable gaming experiences. This site makes a one-stop-shop where you will find a comprehensive list of the best bookies. Besides the lists they offer, has shown its commitment to helping punters maximize their winnings by developing guides to help them manage their finances and bet responsibly.

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What is a Sports Betting Site?

For the uninitiated, a bookmaker, also known as an online betting site, is a professional gaming body that offers punters an opportunity to win real money by wagering on sports events. They are designed with appealing graphics to catch a broad audience.

Wagering on sports betting sites is based on a simple principle: probability surrounding the event. The best bookmakers, like those enlisted in, feature reasonable winning potential.

How to Choose the Best Online Betting Site

The world of sports betting is flooded with bookies, which makes it difficult to navigate the waters and choose the best online betting site for your needs. Ideally, you want to register with a reputable bookmaker that will offer you the best experience in sports betting.

What should you Consider when Choosing an Online Betting Site?


  • Reliability: Before registering with any online betting site, you need to establish its reliability. If you’re new to gambling, don’t be blinded by favorable terms and conditions. By reading users’ reviews and comments, you can get insights into how reliable a given site is.
  • Markets and odds offered: The best bookmakers offer a variety of sports betting markets and odds. The right bookie for you should offer all sports, multiple markets, and reasonable odds. Before signing up, you can go deeper to check how a particular online sportsbook covers your favorite betting sport.
  • Promotions and offers: Due to stiff competition in the world of gambling, many bookmakers have introduced promotions and offers to attract and retain punters. Most sports betting sites offer a welcome bonus plus other recurring offers. You might want to sign up with bookies that offer the most attractive promotions and offers. All the same, check terms and conditions associated with most bonuses and offers.
  • Customer service: Things are ok when everything is ok. In gambling, you will at some point encounter a problem that needs the help of your Minnesota sports betting operator. Whatever your grievance is, you need the quickest possible response. Thankfully, most online betting sites offer stellar customer services. A general rule of thumb, register with operators who have been in the market for significantly longer. That way, you are less likely to experience problems.
  • Mobile betting: In the 21st century, we want to enjoy the possibility and simplicity of doing things remotely, and gambling should not be an exception. For this reason, you want to register with online betting.

Many online betting sites offer an extensive range of features to provide their customers with an exciting and enjoyable experience. You can find a bookie with interesting features like in-play betting and live streaming.

Most importantly, when choosing an online betting site, make sure the bookmaker holds a valid gambling license from the right authorities or bodies. All Minnesota sports betting sites listed in are licensed.

Tips to be a Successful Punter

Sure bets do not exist in reality unless there are fixes, which might also not be guaranteed. If you want to seriously invest in gambling and get the best out of it, you need to have a betting plan.

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From choosing your favorite sport to managing your bankroll, you need to do everything prudently to earn money from betting.

  • Choose an online betting site that has been licensed by the gambling commission or the right authorities. This guarantees you safety when giving bank details or any other personal data. Licensed bookies are accountable for whatever they do.
  • Register with various bookmakers: If you want to make money from betting, one of the greatest mistakes you can make is limiting yourself to one online betting site. This is, particularly if you want to bet in various sports. Sports betting sites don’t look or feel the same, so you might find yourself more comfortable with one than the other. Again, registering with various sites will make you eligible for various bonuses and offers.
  • Wager on your favorite sport: To make significant winnings from sports betting, you need to understand the spot you wager. For this reason, wager on your most favorite sport. Maybe because you watch and read a lot about your favorite sport, you will have more information to wager prudently.
  • Listen to your mind, not your heart: This is an essential consideration when wagering on your favorite team. You like your favorite, but they are playing with a stronger team. If you are betting, let your decision be based on logic and probability – avoid incorporating your heart desires or emotions into betting.
  • Learn game theory: Betting odds are based on probabilities; therefore, deepening your knowledge in betting mathematics can help you wager wisely.
  • Take advantage of promotions and offers: Bookies have various offers and bonuses for their customers. Bonuses can beef up your stake, which means bigger winnings.


Minnesota sports betting sites offer gamblers an opportunity to make money by wagering on various sports. Make sure to gamble responsibly and manage your bankroll appropriately. It is also good to keep proper records of each game you wager. This will allow you to review your performance to know whether you’re making any money.