Casino Dice FAQ

Dice games are in place at most casinos around the world: They are an essential part of classic games such as Craps, Sic Bo and Hazard but what do we know about the dice themselves?

What Kind of Dice do Casinos Use?

The dice used have clear differences to the ones that come with typical board games. These are manufactured to higher quality in bright colours which allow the white pips to be seen more easily. Quite often, a regular poker name will be used as branding.

What Size Dice do Casinos Use?

Casinos use large dice so they can be seen clearly. The exact dimensions tend to come in at 19mm square (3/4 of an inch). Those dimensions should be true to within 0.0005 of an inch and the corners are likely to be sharp as opposed to being rounded.

How Long Do Casinos Use Dice?

Being thrown on a high volume basis during rapid games means that casino dice will not last too long. They may be used in a four hour shift or, potentially, they could last for up to eight hours. It’s rare that a casino will use a set of dice beyond that eight hour period.

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Why Can’t Indian Casinos Use Dice?

California law which covers the Indian casinos in question, forbids games of chance where a dice or ball determines the outcome. As a result, those casinos have to innovate and it’s typical to see traditional games being played with cards instead of dice.

What do Casinos do with Old Dice?

A hand operated press is used to punch holes in the dice and this means that they can no longer be used at the casino. They may then be destroyed or donated or it may be possible to buy used casino dice at the gift shop or at online web stores such as eBay.

Why do Casinos Change Dice?

Dice can become worn over time and will not roll properly so they will regularly need replacing with a new set. Remember that a casino reserves the right to change a set of dice at any time because this can avoid cheating and tampering by unscrupulous players.

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Since When Did Casinos Change Dice?

No-one seems to be completely sure as to when this practise began. The need to change dice has always been there so it’s likely to be a historic process. We do know that casino chips have been rotated since the 1980s so dice changing could be similar.

Why are Serial Numbers and a Casino Logo on Some Dice?

This is another method introduced to prevent cheating. Many casinos have their own branding and serial numbers so that the dealers and croupiers know that genuine dice are being used. It means that players cannot bring in their own dice to the table.


Do Casinos use Rigged or Loaded Dice?

Absolutely not: Rigged and / or loaded dice are illegal in casinos and this is simply to ensure fair play. One way in which to prevent this is to use a special epoxy to mark the pips. If the dice isn’t issued by the casino, the colour will change under UV light.

Security Related to Dice Storage

Security is taken very seriously by all casino operators: All dice used in table play must be kept under strict lock and key when they are not in use. Safes and vaults are in place around Las Vegas and beyond and the manager of the venue is ultimately responsible.

Closing Thoughts

All of the measures listed above ensure fair play. They are done for the players’ security and, the practise of cancelling dice means that we can often pick up a nice souvenir.