Introduction to Variety of Online Casino Games

Ever since online gaming came into existence, various casino games have also been developed. The introduction of casino games has provided a way to lots of fun and entertainment. If you’re among players who love playing games online and placing wagers on them, then you are already familiar with casino sites. Over the years, such sites have become more popular.

Before you can visit and choose your favourite online casino to start playing, you need to understand the different games available. At your site of choice, you will be able to find a massive variety of games from different software developers. If you are looking for online casino games to play, then this guide is a perfect match for you.

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Go through the different types of games available below to know which ones blend smoothly with your gaming needs and requirements. If any of them appeals to you, then you should make it your favourite and, if possible, try out the different free versions that each one of them offers.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most popular types of games that you will find in new online casinos. Available in different types, slot machines are easy and straightforward to play. And that is the main reason why they are popular among players. Slots come with unique themes and lots of special features that keep players entertained for several hours.

Many slot machines come with high return to player percentages of up to 98 per cent, making sure that you’ll get a good return on your investment. Some of the popular types of slots that online casinos offer include progressive jackpots, fruit machines, video games and mega ways versions.

Many popular slot machine developers make highly engaging and exciting to play slot machines. Betsoft Gaming, RTG, Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Aristocrat Technologies and Play’n Go are some of the well-known software companies.

Most slots from these developers come with bonus rounds, wild multipliers, free spins, scatters and much more. These unique features not only make slot machines enjoyable to play but also increase the chances of winning huge amounts of money.

Aside from in-game bonuses, online casinos also offer a lot of free spins deals and other promotions on slot machines. So if you want to take advantage of some generous bonuses and promotions, slot machines should be your favourite games.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealers are other popular online casino games. These games are becoming more and more popular each year. With live dealers, you can play all of your favourite table games in real-time. Live dealer games take place in studios, and you play depending on the actions of the games.

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The footage of the gameplay in live dealers is streamed in real-time on your mobile or computer device. As you play live dealer games, you can chat with real dealers and enjoy a special gaming experience. Similar to slot machines, there are different types of live dealers that you can get your hands on. And each type has various variations. Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, and Blackjack are the main types of live dealer games. The number of games will primarily depend on your online casino of choice and the software developers available.

Only a few online casinos offer live dealer games. The main reason is that there are only a few software companies that create live dealer games. Net Entertainment Live, Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming are the main software providers of live dealer games. Many online casinos do not offer bonuses and promotions on these types of games, but you can find a couple of promotions on reputable gambling platforms.

These are a perfect match for players who are looking for a real brick-and-mortar casino gaming experience in the comfort of their homes, when travelling or while in the office. So if a real casino experience is what you want, then you should make live dealers your favourite games.

Video Poker Games

Fans of poker love to play video poker games online. These games are exciting to play, and they are quicker than brick-and-mortar versions. With online video poker, you’re playing slot machine style poker games. Just like other casino games, there are plenty of titles to pick from.

To enjoy the game of poker, you need to receive the playing cards virtually and make informed decisions based on the title that you are playing. To win some cash, you should try to land the best hand and beat the virtual machine.

You will find a limited number of bonuses and promotions on video poker machines. But sites that are dedicated to providing the best video poker gaming experience always have some lucrative and generous bonuses and promotions for their customers.

Table Games

No online casino is complete without table games. These are the dice, chip and card-based games that players play on felted tables online. Virtual dealers or machines operate the online versions of table games. The only thing that makes online table games unique from the rest, like slots, is that they mix strategies and skills with luck in order to win.

Online table games are similar to their brick-and-mortar counterparts, with the only difference being that you can play them directly at home or while on the go without having to physically visit a gaming venue.

While table games are playable on digital platforms, they remain realistic, and you’ll feel like you’re really sitting in front of a dealer. You can choose to play in live casinos if you want a more realistic gaming experience.

Specialty Games

Specialty games also form a popular category for players. These games feature a mix and match of titles. In some online casinos, the specialty games category only includes different versions of bingo and keno.

You’ll also find scratch cards and other special games that don’t fit into other categories on popular gaming platforms. If you’re looking for something different from slot machines, table games, live dealers and video poker games, then this is a great choice.

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Bingo Games

Bingo is another popular type of game that online casinos offer. This type of game requires players to match some selected digits anyhow to their respective card numbers. The cards contain the same matrix, and each column is described by the letters BINGO. In all Bingo games, the square located in the middle is primarily free.

If you are the first person to form a pattern and shout the word BINGO, you will be the winner. However, the accuracy of the games must be verified first before you can be announced the winner. And after that, another gaming round starts.


Keno is a type of lottery game. As a player, you receive numbered cards from one to eighty and select a bet. The cards receive registration before the game can start. Then the caller provides twenty irregular collected figures or numbers. You aim to combine enough of the selected numbers. If you match the most numbers, then you will be sure to win a large prize.

Final Thoughts

The world of online casinos has many games that you can play online. As you have already seen, you can play slot machines, table games, live dealers, video poker games, progressive jackpots and more.

The best part is that you can try out all of these games before choosing your favourite ones. And the best casinos available here offer all of these casino games. You can visit the platform, choose your favourite one and sign up to get started.