New Online Casinos Canada Listed in 2021

Compared to their North American neighbours, Canada has always had fairly lax views when it comes to gambling. As a direct result of this, it is a key contributor to the Canadian economy and is estimated to be worth a massive $15 billion, with almost $9 billion of these generated funds contributing to government and community programs and services.

New Canadian Casinos Online – updated December 2021

With figures like this, it is no surprise that rules surrounding the industry are becoming even more relaxed, particularly online, which is a stark contrast to the situation in other places around the world, including previous casino hubs like the UK and Sweden.

Changing Casino Tides

While these countries crack down on the way players can use new online casinos, Canada seems to be heading into a new era of easy to access online gambling.

Although the US are also opting to make significant changes in how they regulate their online casino industry, the long-standing lax attitude in Canada makes it fertile grand for big bosses in the online gambling industry to launch new ventures in North America.

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This is obviously great news for anyone invested in the casino industry, whether a player or a would-be operator, as the options available to both of these parties will become more vast.

If the powers that be take note of the changing of the casino tide, then the figures mentioned above are going to improve ten-fold and everyone will be very happy casino campers, indeed.

The Shift Is Upon Us

Many big names in the Casino industry, such as GIG and Direx N.V., have already set up new casinos and betting sites that are specifically targeted at a Canadian audience. These guys have been at the forefront of predicting trends in the casino world, hence why they are industry leaders.

If these guys are already heading across the Atlantic to do business, it is a good indication that if a casino operator doesn’t want to fall foul of the unpredictable European regulations, they will need to look elsewhere to make the big bucks in the coming months.

It seems North America is increasingly becoming the only way to not just survive, but thrive in the current climate and Canada looks primed to be where this will all begin.

In preparation for a huge influx in Canadian casinos, there are already sites that compare the best online casinos for Canadians, and offer you a gateway to get all the information on the best ones. Trust us, as the tides shift and the online casino market become diluted, you will need sites like this to separate the wheat from the chaff.

These sites will also keep you up to date with all the latest casino news relevant to Canadians too, so that you won’t be out of the loop and will know any big news that you as a player needs to know.

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Plain Sailing?

With all this considered, the future of the online casino industry is looking very bright. Although there are still a few areas in the country that are continuing to oppose it, from what we can see, the courts are on the industries side.

Just last month a move by Quebec to prevent internet providers from allowing citizens of the states to access online casinos was blocked by the superior court and was ruled to be unconstitutional. This was a huge landmark in the push for expansion of the online casino industry and it bodes well for the greater acceptance of the industry in Canada.

However, this won’t be the end of the battle and it unlikely that it will ever be universally accepted. It has been the case before that huge changes were blocked at the last hurdle, let’s not forget the 2016 Single-game betting fiasco, for example.

With this said, as it stands the nation is swaying towards laxer legislation across the board and the Canadians Gambling industry is on the cusp of being the most widely accepted and fruitful it has ever been.