How to Find Safe Online Casinos?

Learn everything you need to know about safe and secure online casinos in the USA. A reputable casino has a number of characteristics that you may discover from this guide.

Safest Online Casinos in the USA

Characteristics of Safe Online Casinos – What Makes an Online Casino Safe and Secure?

Finding safe online casinos can be a tricky task if you don’t know what you are looking for. We have made a number of recommendations but you can also carry out your own research on the following points:

Fast and Safe Payment Methods

A trusted set of payment methods is one way of identifying a safe and secure casino platform. All operators should provide bank cards – VISA and Mastercard as a minimum – and many will also allow for wire transfers.

Established eWallets will also add a level of trust. PayPal is the biggest of them all and, while they are not widely accepted in the online gambling sector, they can be found here at times. Other eWallets attached to safe gambling sites may include Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz and PaySafeCard. A number of reputable online casinos are also beginning to accept Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency.

Withdrawals should be fast and, as a general rule, should not take more than 48 hours to process.

If a financial institution is shown that you are not familiar with, do some research before using them as a means of funding.

Fair Online Casino Games

All online casino games on the schedule should be fair and it should be easy to check on that point. Slots, roulette, poker, blackjack and all casino games should employ a random number generator (RNG), in order to deliver random results.

ITech Labs are one of the leading independent bodies for authenticating RNG fairness. Look for details of this at the bottom of the casino homepage and/or on a separate About Us page. A reliable online casino will be perfectly open and transparent about the fairness of their favorite games.


In order to provide online gambling services in a certain country, a safe casino must obtain a relevant license. If there is no such license in place, the operator is trading illegally and should clearly be avoided.

Once again, the foot of the homepage is the place to find out about licensing and regulation. Licenses for gambling online are provided by a number of common jurisdictions for licensed casinos.

Major Gambling Jurisdictions

Among the many major gambling jurisdictions around the world, the following may commonly be seen among legit online casino sites in the US, and in other countries. Some respected gambling commissions are:

  • Malta Gaming Association
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • Curacao eGaming
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission

This is not an exhaustive list but it does include the major bodies around the world. The presence of one of these commissions will add substance and trust to any safe casino platform.

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Problem Gambling Prevention

The issue of responsible gambling is heavily in the spotlight at the moment and it’s something that secure online casinos are looking to promote. In fact, if it is found that they are promoting excessive gambling in any way, they can be subject to heavy fines.

There are a number of independent bodies that have been established with a view to promoting safe and responsible gambling, Gamcare and Gamstop are two of the most prevalent organisations but there are others. If your chosen casino has a link to such a website, this can be taken as another sign of safety and trust.

Your casino can also help you to implement voluntary measures such as limiting the amount of any deposit that you make. You may also be able to take breaks by self excluding from the site.

Technical Security

Technical security is an all-encompassing term that refers to the techniques used by a website in order to protect their intellectual property and proprietary information.

In short, this means that the casino is protecting its own details against third parties and, when they have strong measures in place to do this, that trust and security is likely to be passed down to the customers too.

Customer Care

Customer care isn’t a guarantee of safety but, when it’s effective, it does mean that the casino takes our concerns seriously. One point to look out for at the start of your journey is the amount of options for help facilities.

The fastest way to get in touch with your operator is via a live chat facility and it certainly shows commitment to customer care when such an option is in place. Other ways of getting in touch might include a dedicated email, a web form and a toll free telephone number. If at least three of these facilities are in place, you can get a good idea of the trustworthy online casino and its approach to customer service.

Regular Audits

If a website is one of the many legitimate online casinos out there, the chances are they will be happy to submit to regular audits. These audits would be carried out by an independent authority and they would look for key factors such as security and fairness within the set up.

If a casino doesn’t submit to these regular assessments, it may be an indication that they have something to hide.

Gambling Certifications

Certifications and awards are the industry’s way of showing that these are reliable online casinos. There are certifications handed out in the sphere of security so keep an eye out for these to see if your chosen operator has made the cut.


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it is a measure of how secure a casino platform actually is. It’s a very technical part of gambling site security but, the higher the numbers, the more secure a site will be.

For example, 256-bit SSL will make a site safer than 128-bit SSL. When you land on a casino website, scroll to the bottom of the page where all of that important information is held. Among the links, there can be a page on security where all of this is explained in greater detail. If there is no such information, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve stumbled across one of the rogue online casino sites but having full details about SSL can certainly offer reassurance.


One important body to look for when identifying safe online casinos is the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCogra) body. Established in 2003, this is a globally approved testing agency which has player protection as its focus.

If eCogra is noted as a partner, you can be assured that this is one of the safest online casinos for US players.


We previously mentioned GamCare as one of the important organizations tackling the question of responsible gambling. GamCare are, in fact, a UK charity who were set up in 1997 and their mission is to address problem gambling and to improve associated mental health.

It is by no means compulsory for any legit online casino to tie in with GamCare but this is another instance where the presence of such a partner can provide a certain level of reassurance.


Online Casino Gambling Safety Tips

Check the Website Footer

The very bottom of the homepage is where all of the important information regarding licensing should be shown. All trusted online casinos are likely to list their licensing authority and the regulatory body that has approved them for online gambling services in the US and beyond.

An About Us link is also likely to be provided so that potential customers can do some additional research before deciding whether to sign up. If this type of information is missing from the website footer, it should be taken as a warning sign.

Check the Casino Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions could be general rules that apply to the casino as a whole or, they can be specific ts and cs relating to an offer or promotion. In both cases, pay close attention to those terms in order to assess whether they are fair.

The question of security and safety may be touched upon here but there may also be a separate security page. If the terms look unfair and, if you think that you are not 100% secure, there are many legit online casinos that you can turn to for safe online gambling.

Use Secure Connections and Passwords

This is another basic piece of advice that can often be overlooked. Make sure you are playing over a secure connection and not through WiFi that can be accessed by others. If you are using someone else’s WiFi which is password protected, make sure that it’s not easy to guess.

Hotels can be particularly bad at using simple WiFi passwords that can be guessed by experienced hackers. Always choose a secure connection and a very strong password when you are entering sensitive information.

Don’t Save Banking Details on a Shared Computer

This is very basic advice and, even the safest online casinos for US players cannot keep you safe if you don’t follow some elementary rules. Saving banking details on a shared computer can leave you vulnerable to other users who you do not know and trust.

If you are using shared computers, funding with an eWallet, which doesn’t share any information with the casino, could be an option. In all cases, remember not to save passwords or any financial details and avoid shared computers if possible. Also remember to use reliable banking methods.

Don’t Share Your Information on a Public WiFi

The advice here is similar to that regarding shared computers. If you are working on a public WiFi, it’s likely that it will be unsecured and therefore vulnerable to hacks from third parties. In these circumstances, there is nothing that the safe online casinos USA is offering can do to prevent that type of unwanted intrusion.

The basic advice, therefore, is to not share your information on a Public WiFi. This applies to all usage, both on secure online casino sites, plus emails, banking and anything else.

Play at Regulated Casinos

There are tips within this guide that help you to separate the safe online gambling sites from the rogue casinos. By playing with the regulated operators, you are more secure in the event of something going wrong.

There are systems in place to safeguard your personal information from attack and that very regulation adds an important element of trust.

Research the Licensing Authority

We’ve also mentioned the list of major gambling jurisdictions and licensing authorities that a reputable online casino can line up with. If an operator is genuinely regulated by those authorities, it is an early sign of safety.

If, however, the licensing authority shown in the website footer is an unfamiliar one, do some research into this before taking things further.


Safe Online Casino FAQs

How to Avoid Rogue Online Casinos?

By following the tips in this guide, you stand a better chance of avoiding scam casinos and only play at the most trusted online casinos instead.

There are other things you can do to ensure your safety: Start by reading reviews by customers and, if there have been issues, see if there is a pattern. One bad review in isolation may just arise out of a disgruntled punter but, if there is a common theme, this should be a concern.

Players can also check out forums for similar reports of any issues: After sign up, it may be possible to directly message some of those contributors to get a full report.

If in any doubt, it’s advisable to make a minimum deposit first. Look to withdraw if and when possible and, if that process is fast and goes through without problem, you should be more confident of playing there on a regular basis.

Are Online Casino Apps Safe for Real Money Gambling?

Mobile apps should have the same level of security and safety as any static desktop website.

If the app comes from a trusted online casino site that has all of the regulations and security in place, that mobile casino app should also be safe in terms of real money gambling.

What are Random Number Generators?

A Random Number Generator (RNG) ensures that all results during a game of chance are delivered completely at random. By having one in place, it ensures that results on slot machines, roulette, card games and others are delivered at random and cannot be ‘fixed’.

Closing Thoughts

Safety and security is paramount when looking for a reliable gambling site and a safe gambling experience. By following our advice and recommendations, you should be able to stay safe while playing online.

However, your own research is vital in regards to achieving this aim so be sure to check out operators and their licenses when you’re looking for a new casino provider.

Remember to gamble online safely!