The art of leaving the online casino game at a right time

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the moment at which it is worth stopping or making the break from the game is no less significant than the moment of the start. Despite many years of experience and countless attempts, representatives of the Australian gambling community have not yet come to a consensus on this issue. However, adherents of two main theories formed among them:

  • some Australian players are sure that the game should be ended immediately after a big win, and, in their opinion, only such tactics will lead to frequent victories;
  • other players strongly believe that the stopping point should occur when the size of the loss exceeds a predetermined limit. This will save you from sudden, unplanned, and thoughtless spending.

In addition to those listed, there are other opinions, but the previous two are considered a priority and most common among players in Australia. Let’s take a more detailed look at each theory.

Ending the game after winning

On the one hand, this approach can be considered the most universal and reasonable, since a timely stop will not allow emotions to prevail over the mind. However, we also know that each player has their own opinion about meaningful wins. For example, for one person, 200 coins is an extremely important event, from which he will be thrown into a fever, while another will not be satisfied with x500 bet. This is why it is very important to consider the financial capabilities of each player.

However, if we take into account the point of view of several players who have won multiple times in online casinos, then it is necessary to end the game immediately after you have acquired a large win. According to statistics provided by best online casino of Australia Casinonic, much more players end the game session when they reach a big win. As a result, they leave more money at the casino than the players who stop after the loss which exceeded a predetermined limit (bankroll).

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Ending the game after lose

This opinion has collected both positive and severely negative reviews among Australian players. So, supporters of this idea advise leaving the game at online casino immediately after a loss of the predetermined sum of money, believing that the line of failures will continue. In part, its continuation can be influenced by the player’s negative mood, overly harsh emotions, and rash decisions.

However, there are also opponents of this idea. They are convinced that after a series of defeats a solid jackpot will inevitably come if they just play a bit more and get it.

Which specific technique to follow depends only on your decision. It should be noted that a simple belief in victory will not go far, and a phrase like “one more time, and that’s it” is a direct path to disappointment and loss of your money.

You should also clearly understand what kind of finances you have, and in no case exceed the established limit so that the casino entertainment does not turn into a real disaster that ruined your life.

If you do not follow these tips, you risk completely lose your excitement and interest in the rich and powerful emotions that the world of gambling provides to the players.


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This will make it much easier for you to figure out which technique is right for you, which means that your chances of frequent victories will grow exponentially. Good luck!